2017年4月26日 星期三

從Appalachian Nountains秋山紅葉到John Denver, "Take Me Home, Country Roads", 到勞勃瑞福(Robert Redford)尼克諾特(Nick Nolte)艾瑪湯普遜(Emma Thompson)主演的別跟山過不去 A Walk in the Woods

從Appalachian Nountains秋山紅葉到John Denver, "Take Me Home, Country Roads", 到勞勃瑞福(Robert Redford)尼克諾特(Nick Nolte)艾瑪湯普遜(Emma Thompson)主演的別跟山過不去 A Walk in the Woods 不久前,在臉書上看到秋山紅葉照片,美麗極了。小兒阿叡在2007年剛到U.Kent時我寫了一封信,問在Canterburry校園有無看到美麗楓葉,也述說我極喜愛Blue Ridge Parkway的美麗秋天景色,想到杜牧的〈山行〉,霜葉紅於二月花。重讀家書,覺得親情可貴,就寄給小兒和媳婦和親家陳爸爸媽媽一讀,讓他們可翻閱秋天美景。陳爸爸教後醫班學生英文,他說要把我的信給學生閱讀,他也正好教唱John Denver 的" Take Me Home, Country Roads" ,猜我一定也懷念這首歌,分享給我。這是一首1970年代我在美國讀書時的鄉村歌曲,當時流行全國。聽了歌曲,重拾舊日美麗記憶 。Blue Ridge Parkway 的北段是在Shenandoah National Park,從歌詞看來,John Denver應是從南方的The Great Smoky 走Blue Ridge Parkway,沿著Appalachian ranges 向北開車回去mountain mama West Virginia。我聽了好幾遍,歌聲歌詞皆動人,非常喜愛。這時也想起年前看了勞勃瑞福(Robert Redford)尼克諾特(Nick Nolte)艾瑪湯普遜(Emma Thompson)主演的別跟山過不去 A Walk in the Woods,好看的電影, 故事描述兩個阿公男人決心要徒步挑戰「阿帕拉契山徑」(Apalachain Trails)(全長三千多公里,當然不能全部走完)的精采有趣的故事 。聽說許多場景就在The Great Smoky 附近拍攝的,景色十分美麗。 你們可能奇怪短短記事有那麼多超連結,今天下午沒事,到網路上幾個喜歡的地方漫遊,十分愉快;也給好朋友們寫這段記事,希望沒打擾大家才好,不需點閱連結,但如有空有興趣時,可打開一看,都是美麗的地方。 我把這段記事貼在我的部落格上(http://cch1000.blogspot.tw/ )。 秋山紅葉。重讀家書,覺得親情可貴,寄給你們一讀,也可翻閱秋天美景。 dr chiang, chiahsing 2016/9/4 寄給 eric、 Celine、 李秋月、 James Chen 陳爸爸、 張淑涵 秋山紅葉 叡和慧芸,今天姨夫在line上貼了 “秋去秋來”的秋山紅葉照片,美麗極了。想起來2007阿叡剛到U.Kent時我寫了一封信,問在Canterburry校園有無看到美麗楓葉,也述說我極喜愛Blue Ridge Parkway (https://www.nps.gov/blri/index.htm )的美麗秋天景色,就想到杜牧的〈山行〉,楓葉紅於二月花。重讀家書,覺得親情可貴,寄給你們一讀,也可翻閱秋天美景。老爸 2007年10月6日 星期六 to eric, we are very pleased to know that everything goes well with you. Dear Eric: We were so happy to talk with you by phone last evening. Obviously, though you are new to a foreign country, your adaptation to a new living has been fine. We are very pleased with that. It is a good habit to keep preparing lessons in advance and finishing home works without delay that would make it easy and efficient for listening and learning in classes. We know that everything will go smooth with you. Today typhoon Krosa is hitting Taiwan, right now the wind is roaring out and the rain pouring heavily. We are fine, but are worried about those places ruined and families hurt by the typhoon. A strong typhoon is devastating harmful to lots of areas of the Island. I bought a new Samsung NV3 simple camera a couple days ago, this camera is a little bit inferior to your Rollei’s, but is good enough for taking ordinary pictures. I’ve tried to compare the resolutions in detail of different pictures by taking them with the highest quality of 7MB pixels to the lowest 1MB pixel setups. I’ve discovered that almost no difference can be recognized on a full-size screen or 6”x4” printing out pictures, the clearnesses are about the same. The memory capacity of the former is 3.2 MB, and the latter 209 KB, in other words, the latter’s capacity is only 1/15 of the former one, but with having the same clearness (not to compare with enlarged ones). I am sending you several testing pictures as attached files with different capacities ranged in steps from 209 KM to 3.2 MB, Could you see any difference? Sometimes you are going to send pictures to us or friends by emails, I would suggest that pictures with lower capacity are fine and convenient. I’d like using 4MB resolution to take pictures now, it is moderate and satisfied. Photography is an interesting hobby, try it by yourself. You told me you had not seen maple leaves in Canterbury, I went on to the webs, and it seemed few maple trees there. I remember that when I was a student at NCSU in Raleigh, I could see only few maple trees in the city and campus, however, in every autumn I drove with friends to the Blue Ridge Parkway(see attached linkhttp://www.blueridgeparkway.org/ It was the nation's first, and ultimately longest, rural parkway, connecting Shenandoah National Park in Virginia with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. The Parkway follows the Appalachian Mountain chain and provides seemingly endless views of many parallel ranges connected by cross ranges and scattered hills. Trees are everywhere. ……), touring on this very beautiful natural parkway, seeing a gorgeous colorful world that all mountains and valleys were filled with various leaves burst into color, dogwoods, sour woods, and black gums turned deep red, tulip trees and birches turned yellow, sassafras a vivid orange, and red maples added a multicolored brilliance. The gorgeous scenic beauty and charm always remind me of a famous Chinese poem <山行> by 杜牧, in which it says the frosting maple leaves are as reddish as spring flower blossoms. I immensely love these diversified, splendid, colorful autumn leaves, and the absorbing beautiful memory would never fade away for life. Kent has a merit name for the garden of England, I think Canterbury and U. Kent’s campus must be very charming and pretty, that enjoying the beauty of a flower, a tree, or appreciating the magnificent, beautiful landscapes are one of the greatest fortunes in our living. So enjoy them and appreciate them whenever you are taking a walk, or going to a leisurely tour somewhere around. Love, Dad and Mom 2007/10/06 James Chen 陳老師 <28512@hotmail.com.tw> 2016/9/6 寄給 我 蔣爸爸/媽媽,你們好! 多謝你們分享給阿叡的家書,配合你寄來的楓葉美景,讀來另有一番感受。 將來我有機會再教後醫班的大小孩時,我會分享這封信給他們。 這星期我在教學生唱"Country Roads Take Me Home",和你的家書對照,感受特別深刻。你一定也很懷念這首歌,特別和 你們分享! http://evita8888.pixnet.net/blog/post/81244001-99%E9%A6%96%E9%81%A9%E5%90%88%E7%B7%B4%E7%BF%92%E8%81%BD%E5%8A%9B%E7%9A%84%E8%8B%B1%E6%96%87%E6%AD%8C--%E9%84%89%E6%9D%91%E8%B7%AF%E5%B8%B6%E6%88%91%E5%9B%9E%E5%AE%B6-t 辰武/淑涵 dr chiang, chiahsing 2016/9/8 寄給 James Chen 陳老師、 eric、 Celine、 李秋月 陳爸爸陳媽媽: 你們寄給我們"Country Roads Take Me Home",很喜歡感動。這是一首1970年代我在美國讀書時十分喜愛的鄉村歌曲,當時流行全國。聽了歌曲,記憶都回來了。Blue Ridge Parkway 的北段是在Shenandoah National Park, 從歌詞看來,John Denver應是從南方的the Great Smoky 沿著Appalachian ranges 向北開車回去mountain mama West Virginia。我聽了好幾遍,歌聲歌詞皆動人,感受萬千。我這裡把副本也寄給阿叡和慧芸,請他們也一聽。 我在網路上找到一則不錯的貼文:藍嶺公園路<最美秋楓道路> Blue Ridge Parkway. 以後一定會再來 ... 這大慨就是Denver 的country roads,謝謝你們分享此好歌給我們。 家興 秋月 James Chen 陳老師 <28512@hotmail.com.tw> 2016/9/9 寄給 Celine、 我 蔣爸爸/媽媽: 上週兩個小傢伙生病,多虧您兩老的細心幫忙照護,聽Celine說他們差不多痊癒了,淑涵和我也放心了。 很高興接到您的回覆,彷彿又回到我們的年代,一下子又變年輕了。 實在很巧,在搜尋Country Roads 這首歌時,無意中找到宮崎駿的動畫片「心之谷」的英語配音版 :Whisper of the Heart,覺得蠻有趣的,特別和您分享。這部片是以Country Roads 當主題曲。好片一部。http://watchcartoonsonline.eu/watch-whisper-of-the-heart-1995-full-movie-english-dub/ 辰武/淑涵